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hello to you all - 2012/07/20 23:30 Hello its Tom from R.I
Glad to see you are still going. been a long
time but glad to see their are still great
owner and installers in this industry.

glas to see Ikes van pics on here . i tell people
about it and how i helped build those boxes on
our OJT nights.

ust a little history about who i am.I started
working for A.S.S sep. 22 1989 after hurricane
Yugo. started playing around with audio stuff
with a good friend Jose. Chip and ack put my first professional audio system in my s-10 truck.
Orion 4100 2-12 kickers.4- 6.52-4" and tweeters ,
ended up with 22 speakers in it.

after Yugo the shop need lots of remodeling and
Chip asked me brother and i to help and the he
asked if I wanted to help around the shop doing installs. old manager Rich (very smart guy)took
me under his wing and showed me most of the basics
and befor i knew it, Chip took to me to the next
level with two nights of O.J.T /on the job training/
per week and showed me what it meens to a
professional installer and how to take pride in our work.

After years of working at Auto sound specialist
i moved to R.I and started working at Audio Concepts for 14.5 yr yrs and got laid off. I decided to
start my own buisiness and for 4 yrs i pushed and worked my butt off, working out on one bay garage no show room. but because what i have learned about
pride and doing a professional job for customers.

I have now took over the place that laid me off
and now have 2800sq ft show room and two bays.
not only do i work on autos i now do boats and
do all kinds of car and truck accesssories,
sunroofs and almost anything elelectrical in cars.

To employees of chip,: pay attention to what the
master says. learn all u can from him he is and
will always my hero and mentor.you are so lucky to learn fron someone that is as great and legend in
this industry. never know where u wil end up in
this life

To Chip and family : Thank you for taking a chance
on a 19 yr old kid. As a business owner, I am glad
I am up here cuz u all rock. I am proud to say
i leaned from one of the best..

i will find old pics and somehow scan them to
post them.

thanks again and say hello to the old crew if u see any of them . miss you all.

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