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About Us

Auto Sound was started in 1985 and grew rapidly.  From the beginning we were interested in competition and aggressively persuded it producing countless 1st place trophy's and national competition invites.

 Through the experience of our staff we have strong electronics background and skill in woodworking, upholstery,welding, fiberglass, computers, fabrication,and design. We have had recognition in national and local publications and hold many certifications for training and skill.

We do not advertize much and prefer word of mouth to paid advertizing. Advice is usally free here and we don't mind coming out to your car to tell what is wrong or what you need even if we didn't sell it to you.

At Auto Sound we prefer focus on cost rather than price.  Price is what you pay today, cost is what is going to cost you overall. We like looking at your whole system and where you want to be with it when your finished, that way you get the most value overall.


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